• SeeSnapGet offers merchants and gallery owners eCommerce on-demand, in a box in in their hand. Training Services for ecommerce and digital marketing. Pic is of a little robot with gifts.

    SeeSnapGet offers eCommerce on-demand, in-a-box and in your hand solutions for local store owners

Maybe you've been burned before, or are just overwhelmed.

eCommerce on-demand, eCommerce in a box eCommerce in your hand

After much testing, trial and error, and quite a few laughs, we've fine-tuned our offering to be the most relevant and impactful. We have personally visited over 300 locations over the past four years, listening and learning, and offering advice when and where appropriate.

Now we are excited to share our streamlined offering. At this time we are re-scheduling a couple of our fan favorites: ShopLocalTreasures Market and Treasure Map as well as MainStreet Stories--our podcast and blog. ShopLiveShopLocal might just be back soon.

Our training and solutions packages come in three plans, with the opportunity to schedule 1-1 time with an eCommerce and digital marketing expert. Quite simply, we are eCommerce on-demand, eCommerce in a box, and eCommerce in your hand.

Our experts are ready to help you get started today--one treasure, one customer and one moment at a time.

Works every time, is easy to use and shows your customers you really care

All you need to start is your phone to snap a pic of a unique treasure--works everywhere!

Send a picture by:

DM @seesnapget on twitter or instagram

Text: 910.557.6233

Email: CustomerCare@seesnapget.com

Download our iOs App--SeeSnapGet for iPhone

We deliver a unique link for your product including s&h and taxes with easy options for them to pay.

Once shipped, we pay you the whole amount less 14% for referral commission and processing.

Reach out to us today, or refer a friend. We have worked with merchants, artists, artisans, galleries and communities all over the US. We've helped folks with differing retail experience, stages of business and types of businesses.

Let us help you today.