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Hand Crafted Unique Clock
customer photo of SeeSnapGet
Repurposed Steel Drum Wall Decor Red Heart Love
Antique clock table
Hand Carved Wood with Inlaid Mirror
Globe Chandelier Beautiful Crystal
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Tobacco Leaf Beautiful Round Table 1500
Wooden Car Puzzle--Hand Crafted
NY Jets SuperBowl III Autographed Jersey
Tabletop Bear Corn Hole Game, Hand Painted
Jukebox w/ 200 Orig 70's and 80's Hits
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Colorful Antique Jar
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Hand Crafted Wooden Chess Set


"Used the app to buy my wife a present for her birthday. Saw her fawning over the piece while we were shopping and now I’m a hero."

Dennis M.

Dennis M.

"I travel a lot for business. Just bought my first house and have been on the hunt for unique pieces—found the perfect print for over my bed and it felt good to support a local artist and business."

Beverly J.

"Perfect! Saw this sculpture I really wanted, but had to get to dinner, and flew out the next morning. Well now its in my living room and everyone asks about it!"

MaryBeth A.