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Local Treasures When You Travel

Posted by Don Nelson on
Local Treasures When You Travel

Local Treasures When You Travel

By Don Nelson

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May 2019 (excerpts from writings.)
Travelers today require convenience and crave authentic local experiences. Shopping travelers spend over $200B a year, beyond duty-free and the airports. Local merchants find it increasingly challenging to keep up with tech-savvy travelers.
By removing friction, SeeSnapGet connects shopping travelers to local, unique and cool shops, merchants, galleries and artisans. Travelers can request quotes and buy unique treasures, seeing them only once. (the next time at their doorstep!) They are leading the way at the intersection of travel and shopping.
As a services and logistics company, SeeSnapGet makes shopping for unique home decor, art and one-of-a-kind gifts when away from home simple, secure and satisfying, while helping local merchants gain new customers as well as recover lost sales. 
We offer merchant partners attractive solutions addressing their e-commerce and digital marketing challenges, while building a unique global community of shopping travelers and Main Street Merchants.
Don Nelson, founder of SeeSnapGet, has worked from main streets to the big boxes. He’s a former retail, digital and marketing leader whose successes include substantial contributions to large retail brands like The Home Depot, Sam’s Club and Toys R Us, Inc. as well as global leadership for an international professional services company.
SeeSnapGet facilitates the transaction between travelers and local merchants. It’s a mobile service that allows the shopper to request quotes, buy, track shipping and share their unique treasures. SeeSnapGet's convenient mobile solution helps travelers shop and buy local unique treasures while helping local merchants, artists and artisans acquire new customers.
Currently you can download SeeSnapGet in the AppStore or send quote requests via email, text our through social DM’s.
Many apps and mobile phones already have the capability to scan QR codes and other barcodes, but more tools have emerged to enable the recognition of pictures and physical objects. Some of these apps push customers to shop online only for specific products, disconnected from the offline world.  
But what if… you’re on vacation, and you stumble into a unique shop run by a local merchant. You find something you’ve just got to have — a painting, a sculpture, a piece of furniture — but then you stop short. You can’t buy it. You have no way to get it home. 

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