Small Business Holiday Guide 2019

Greatly appreciate the mention among so many other cool ways to support small businesses this holiday travel, shopping and gift giving time! 

We are talking with MainStreet merchants, local artisans, gallery directors and antique and vintage dealers everyday—they are sure busy preparing to serve and compete this season.

If you’re learning about us for the first time, we hope you discover our mission to help independent retailers and creators as well as travelers and shoppers away from home. 

Give unique gifts from local retailers and artists this holiday season! Don't want to deal with the hassle to schlep home, out of time or buying in secret?

Easy to Use: 1. Fall in love with an item 2. Submit image for quote 3. We handle the rest. Buy and enjoy!

SeeSnapGet helps the shopping traveler find and buy unique treasures (like art, home decor and vintage) from cool, local stores and artists, while helping those merchants and artists capture and recover customers and sales.
Thanks to: Don Nelson of SeeSnapGet.


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