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Special welcome to our newest merchant partner: Sea Classics in Morehead City, NC

About SeeSnapGet

Who We Are

Our entire team has a history and passion for supporting local communities, merchants, and businesses, art, mobile technologies, and incredible customer experiences. And delivering Best-in-Class solutions--We have experience from big box to Main Street.

We love to travel.

From weekend getaways to global excursions, we work around the clock and the globe to offer the best, technologically advanced merchant support and experiential shopping services on the planet.

We love our people.

We appreciate our merchant and artist partners, communities, and of course, the shopping travelers, we are curating with SeeSnapGet. But most of all, we love our team--it's never been easy. Folks from incredibly diverse backgrounds are working tirelessly to deliver a great customer experience while focusing on delivering a world-class experience to our merchant and local communities.

We are committed to being enjoyable and easy to do business with.

Somehow it got tough to do business along the way. I, Don Nelson, commit to you, that if we are not EASY to do business with, call me directly--704.307.6165 or email me

Please share what interests you the most about SeeSnapGet, what you like to do and consider yourself good at, and what you really want to do. We welcome inquiries, opportunities, and collaborations.

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