About SeeSnapGet

SeeSnapGet: ShopLocalTreasures--Supporting Main Street Merchants, Local Artists and Communities

We are laser focused on delivering intuitive and scaleable technology, virtual shopper and physical seller solutions and services for local merchants and communities. 

Shopping locally feels good whether in your town or while away from home.

Our mission has shifted from serving the traveling shopper and local merchants; to solving for the current and evolving crisis affecting the heart of our communities:  the main street merchants, local artists and artisans.

We are working with best-in-class partners to deliver rapid e-commerce solutions for merchants, clear messaging and training, and a great place to shop locally-online.  We're hiring a team to create a store shopping experience with live and virtual shopping and working to develop a full self-serve platform for local retailers. At no upfront cost to merchants.

We are re-purposing all of our assets: seesnapget services, our local treasures market, the local treasures map, apps and web  to help more companies, faster, and help shoppers stay connected and support their local businesses.

Stay tuned for more.

Our vision to help shoppers buy unique treasures directly from local merchants, artists and communities, in-store and online is stronger today than ever.

Our 2020 mission is to help as many local "Main Street" merchants and local artists as possible, with solutions and services to offer and execute e-commerce, including selling, shipping and marketing. 

If you can't get to that store, we will work to bring the store to you. If you're a merchant who doesn't sell online or doesn't ship we're here to fix that, quickly.

In order to accomplish our mission we know we need help.

We appreciate our merchant and artist partners, communities, and of course, our shopping customers and team. As we explore ways to simplify, service and scale, we're looking for folks to join our movement and efforts. 

We are committed to do our part--helping shoppers discover and buy local treasures and supporting the local merchants, artists and communities who sell them.

Our team has a history and passion for supporting local communities, merchants, and businesses, local art, mobile technologies, and incredible customer experiences. And delivering large scale and world-class solutions. We have broad retail and digital experience from the big boxes to Main Streets, and even a few trailers and tables. We strive to deliver convenience, value and delight to our customers and partners.

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For more information about how you can help and learn more, please fill out the form below or email  me directly. don@seesnapget.com