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Merchant FAQ's

Q. Who is SeeSnapGet?

SeeSnapGet is a services and solutions company improving the local shopping experience for travelers and helping local merchants, artists and artisans connect with them, all the way through to a seamless purchase experience for the traveler.

Q. Why work with SeeSnapGet, what's in it for me?

The greatest benefits of working with SeeSnapGet are:

    1. Qualified Physical Store/Presence Traffic

    2. Expanded Digital Presence and Marketing

    3. Super-Simple eCommerce/mCommerce Solution

We have built our technology platforms, security and ease of use to be current, flexible and relevant for both travelers and merchants. We partner with leaders when we can't build it ourselves, including companies like Stripe, Square, Sendgrid, UPS, USPS, Shopify and many great others, including local independent contractors, our extended family.

Lastly, would add that we are equally committed to helping local merchants and communities tell their stories, and sell more local products and artwork. Please stay-tuned for the launch of MainStreet Stories, where our founder, Don Nelson, interviews local merchants and explores the trials and tribulations of independent retailers, artists and community leaders.   

Q. What types of merchants/retailers do you work with? What is the approval criteria?

We work with all types of merchants, though the majority have a "brick and mortar" location and are based in US. AND since we fulfill all quote requests from travelers, locations have varied from fairs and festivals to remote global destinations. If you sell or make local art, crafts, vintage, antiques, eclectic or indigenous artwork and home decor, or well, the list goes on. 

The approval process moves quickly after a brief phone call. You can schedule an introductory/exploratory call here.

Q. What is it going to cost? Is it hard to get on board?

We have built our pricing structure based on feedback from hundreds of merchants. We charge a commission similar to the online marketplaces and platforms, that substantially reduces based on volume and engagement--any fees paid are directly related to your desire for promoting your business.
Be sure to ask in that first call if any promotions are available!
You can view our current Merchant Program and Pricing here.

Q. How will you promote my business?

We will promote your store on our various digital platforms including website and newsletter. Additionally, we will be creating a Main Street Stories podcast that will highlight merchants.

Q. How does the program work? 

Customers fall in love with a treasure, they send SeeSnapGet a photo of the treasure, we call the merchant to get a quote and calculate shipping costs. The quote is sent to the customer which they can reject or accept. If accepted, the merchant will be notified by SeeSnapGet and will receive the details of how the product will be sent. The merchant will pack and send the treasure. 

Q. How do I get paid, and how quickly?

You will be paid by SeeSnapGet within 3 days of when the purchase is complete.

Q. Does it cost anything to use the SeeSnapGet app?

Not for the customer, merchants will be charged a small commission.