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Q & A: SeeSnapSell Merchant Program

Sign up now and be selling online in minutes. We are working on training and support, as well as an improved experience, but for now, joining is safe, secure and simple to get up quickly. There are no upfront costs and no recurring monthly fees.

We've reduced our commission to 10% for all of 2020, we're working on improved training, the new virtual experience and plan to advertise nationally to bring more traffic to your store. We are moving fast to help as many merchants as possible.  

Q. Who is SeeSnapGet?

SeeSnapGet, LLC is a digital and logistics services company focused on helping local merchants connect with shoppers by providing tech-enabled solutions catering to today’s shoppers who appreciate and seek out authentic, local experiences and shop for unique treasures like art, decor, vintage, antiques and artisan creations—beyond simple souvenirs.

In early 2020 we pivoted to focus on supporting the merchants, local artists and communities gravely affected Covid-19. We launched SeeSnapSeller and to help merchants and stranded shoppers alike with rapid onboarding, personalized training and support and a self-service platform to enable any merchant to participate and created our Community Treasures Leader Program.

Q. Why work with SeeSnapGet, what's in it for me?

The greatest benefits of working with SeeSnapGet are:

    1. Gain Customers/Grow Sales
      • We help you get a storefront online with best-in-class technology, personalized training and digital marketing support. 
      • You can implement shipping and buyonline/pickup at store and in select markets local delivery.
    1. Save Time and Effort
      • We've helped many others and are experts at local retail, ecommerce and digital marketing.
      • We handle customer communications, deliver shipping quotes and process the sale, pay you.  In some markets we offer pick-up, packaging and shipping services as well.
    1. Support for Fellow Merchants/Shopping Local
      • We are committed to helping local retail. artists and communities connect to tech-savvy travelers craving local and authentic experiences.

We have built our technology platforms, security and ease of use to be current, flexible and relevant for both travelers and merchants. We partner with leaders when we can't build it ourselves, including companies like Stripe, Square, Sendgrid, UPS, USPS, Shopify and many great others, including local independent contractors, our extended family.

Lastly, would add that we are equally committed to helping local merchants and communities tell their stories, and sell more local products and artwork.

Q. What types of merchants/retailers do you work with? What is the approval criteria?

We work with all types of merchants, though the majority have a "brick and mortar" location and are based in US. AND since we fulfill all quote requests from travelers, locations have varied from fairs and festivals to remote global destinations. If you sell local art, crafts, vintage, antiques, eclectic or indigenous artwork and home decor, or well, the list goes on. We aim to serve our merchant partners and traveler quote requests with the same commitment to top-quality service.

The approval process moves quickly after a brief phone call. You can schedule an introductory/exploratory call here.

Q. What is it going to cost?

Joining is free for a limited time. We have built our pricing structure based on feedback from hundreds of merchants. We charge a commission similar to online marketplaces and platforms, that substantially reduces based on volume and engagement.


1st Sale/NonMember  20% 10%

Active Member  15% 10%

Premium Member  10% 

We only charge a commission if we help make the sale. Be sure to ask on that first call if any promotions are available!

Q.  How Do I Sign-up and Activate?

Signing up is simple, start by filling out the contact form and/or Schedule Intro Call

Q.  What kind of training and support can I expect?

While we are working on simple video and scripted training, for a limited time we are offering 1-1 trainings in person or via video. We have an instore marketing kit that includes three small folded table tent treasure cards, treasure reminder cards, decals (for window/door) and will provide a custom two-sided and laminated Quick Start Guide which can be shared with customers. (samples)

Q. How does the shipping program work? 

As soon as they send SeeSnapGet a photo of the treasure (see below), we call the merchant (you) to talk about the treasure and the customer, get a weight and dimensions and calculate shipping costs. Normally, the merchant will pack and send the treasure or we will discuss special packaging requirements and shipping needs as well as payments and tax, if applicable.

The quote is sent to the customer which they can reject or accept. If accepted, we notify the merchant and they will receive the details of how the product will be sent. We can email invoices and packing slips, and with ups, labels can be printed on demand at their locations.

While we will include insurance in the cost quoted to the customer, returns follow each merchant's store return policy, unless otherwise noted. This is discussed and on the activation call.

Q. How do I get paid, and how quickly?

Payment is made upon shipping or pickup confirmation. How quickly the merchant gets paid is up to the merchant at sign-up and activation (can be changed anytime). Most either accept ACH or e-check, though we can process many different types.

If you have any other questions, please email us directly or enter into the message field below. 

If you would like to join our Local Treasures Marketplace,

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