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In addition to wanting to help those busy folks who want your great products, we started SeeSnapGet to help local, independently owned retailers and merchants. We’ve visited great stores from coast to coast–those shops who have curated an amazing assortment of products in their stores.

Whether it is folks in town visiting family, vacationers to busy business travelers, every conversation we’ve heard is from that of a potential, who didn’t buy for a slew of reasons: my wife/husband/partner was with me; the store was too busy; I saw it in the window but the shoppe was closed (dinners, Sundays, and Mondays mostly) or they just didn’t want the hassle of how could they get it home.

Our mission is to be your most convenient and trusted partner.

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We can help. Once a customer requests a quote on an item from your store, we will contact you. If you do not have full e-commerce or mobile commerce capabilities, we can help.

No more lost or abandoned sales! Get rid of the shipping and administrative hassle for your treasures.

To request more information, please contact us today.