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Basics about SeeSnapGet and Support

Using SeeSnapGet is pretty straightforward. Once you have downloaded the app, sign up for an account with your email address and create a password. You will need to approve camera access, location services and for the quickest responses, notifications. Then you are ready to go!

  1. Snaps
    • When you have located a treasure you are interested in buying, just click the pineapple to capture a photo. The treasure should be centered, in full view and shown in its best light possible(though we have sold treasures through shop windows.)
    • In order to save the picture, click on the “get quote” button. At this point, your snap is saved for requesting a quote later, or for sharing via social, email or text.
    • We encourage you to enter the price and quickly verify the address of the merchant/artisan. This helps speed up the quote process, and locks in the price you saw at the store at that time. Clicking on the edit pencil icon, you can fill in all of the information–Greatly appreciated, but not required.
    • You can locate your snaps on the app–Account<My Snaps
    • When you are serious about buying, follow the same steps as a snap, then be sure to add a ship-to zip code. This step informs our quote response team a treasure needs to get moving. You will receive confirmation via email that your quote request is being processed.
    • Quote response time can be inside of an hour, or in unique cases a couple of business days. The majority of quotes come back within 24-48 hours, and your quote will include the price of the treasure, tax if applicable, and shipping and handling. A longer delay occurs particularly when custom packaging, crating or LDL shipping is required.
    • We strongly recommend deciding quickly once you receive a quote for two reasons:
      • Often your treasure is one of a kind, so we want the merchant or artisan to secure your treasure and prepare for packaging and shipping
      • Your treasure could end up in our lost and hidden treasures market, with the price possibly increasing.
    • You can locate your outstanding quotes, and view their statuses Account<My Quotes
  3. Buy
    • Buying from SeeSnapGet is safe, secure and efficient. Our commerce is powered by Stripe, a leading e-commerce services provider. Every transaction and account is fully encrypted–and we do not store the payment information of our users.
    • Once your order has been placed, we work with the local merchant to ensure proper packaging and processing takes place. You will receive an order confirmation email and your app will be updated.  the next communication from us will be the shipping confirmation.
    • You can locate your open orders on the app at Account<Orders
  4. Shipping
    • Getting your treasure delivered in its best condition is our top priority. We have relationships with all of the major carriers, as well as a developing network of packaging and fulfillment partners. The majority of our shipping by either the USPS or UPS.
    • At any time you can add shipping addresses on the app. You will be prompted to select/create an address in the purchase process and can locate existing addresses on the app at Account<Shipping.
    • By default, we will quote the lowest price, for ground transportation. Due to our growing business, we are working to negotiate the best rates and pass those savings along to you. Please contact for expedited or unique circumstances.
    • If shipping and handling seem high, this is usually due to the uniqueness of your treasure. Packaged dimensions and weight, along with special packaging requirements and time are all factors.  While we encourage eco-friendly packaging, we also value protecting your treasure along its journey.
    • Once your treasure has been packed and picked up/dropped off, you will receive a shipping confirmation email from us, for tracking and receipt.
  5. Sales Tax
    • We pass along the sales tax as required by the shipping merchant/artisan location. In some cases (very few these days) no sales tax is required. Usually, it is the local sales tax the merchant would have charged if you bought it from her on the spot, at his store, on in the gallery.
  6. Returns and Refunds
    • Any order can be canceled prior to shipping.
    • We default to the local merchant/artisan’s specific item and store policy.
  7. Terms and Conditions
  8. Privacy Policy