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You travel. You're into local experiences. 

Fall in love with a treasure you have to have--they are rare.

Simple on our side--either email or text, or DM us on the platform of your choice, and we'll get to work on your treasure quote. Its that Simple.

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We all travel--sometimes for business, where we try to rope in #bleisure, but the reality is we are alone, but want something cool.

What type of traveler are you today?

  • Explorer--looking to tie-in my experience.
  • Discoverer--Ecstatic by what comes my way...
  • Passive--If it passes me and I pass it, maybe we match
  • Prospector--Always on the hunt for something new and cool
  • Sit back, but strike it when the time is on!

Never say: "I wish I got that when I was there, again!" 

Let us surprise the app today, set up an account and get going:

  1. Fall in love with a Treasure this weekend
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  3. Be happy when its in your Home!

SeeSnapGet is a concierge service company, here to help you, the shopping traveler.